Little Hands Learning Center










Why "fit in" when
you were you born to "stand out" ?
-Dr. Seuss




   At Little Hands Learning Center, we encourage young children to learn through play. It is through play that children are able to try out new roles and build a stronger understanding of who they are as an individual. We believe that play is crucial for your child's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. It is a child's way of learning about his/her body and the world around them. Exploration is the heart of play and in your child's minds any experiment counts.

   At Little Hands Learning Center Inc, we will provide many opportunities for each child to learn about the world around them. Our curriculum is based on the children's interests and curiosities. Your child's first hand experiences, simple stories, finger plays and songs will not only enrich the program but will also be a major teaching tool used in the center. We strongly encourage our teachers to help each child develop by giving them many opportunities to try out their new ideas. Here, our teachers encourage each child to brainstorm ideas thus helping them to see problems and solve them.

   Our preschoolers will learn about their world through block play, dramatic play, science and sensory, language and literacy, writing, woodworking, music and movement, fine and gross motor activities, and simple math. Through our daily routines, your child will have many opportunities to experience, voice their opinion, and come up with solutions as a group. Our preschoolers will have one on one time with a teacher daily to work on tracing, writing, or matching letters, numbers, shapes, colors, words, and sentences. This will prepare them for when they move on to Kindergarten.